Experience/Case Studies

Industry: Digital asset management, Online storage and Secure file sharing services.

Situation: Online data storage for businesses without the hassle of owning expensive hardware and hiring personnel to manage the technology resources

  • Architect, Design and Develop an open solution where users can access their data from mobile, handheld or desktop devices
  • Convert the world’s largest Online, Secure Data Storage provider from PERL to Oracle WebLogic and core Java
Technology: Java, IBM-WebLogic, Oracle RDMBS, Windows Server
Industry: Banking – Multi-currency, Enterprise Solution

  • Ability to perform Analysis on the costs/revenues of various banking services
  • Scale capabilities of the software for use by mid-to-large size institutions
  • Design and develop Oracle database objects including packages, stored procedures, triggers, tables, etc.
  • Implement multi-currency functionality for multi-national banks
  • Design and develop HTML/ASP front-end to the Actuate reporting system for Cost Analysts
  • Tune and optimize database for scalability
Technology: Oracle, Actuate, Crystal Reports, HTML, ASP, Windows Server, Sun Solaris
Industry: Health Insurance

Situation: Complicated access to business critical sources of information for 80,000 users

  • Architect, Design, Develop, and Implement across tiers of the health care system
  • Legacy backend to Web Integration
Technology: Java Enterprise, IBM-DB2, Oracle, Sun Solaris, Windows Server
Industry: Electric Utility

Situation: Improve Customer Satisfaction by providing easier access to bills, system status in respective areas and estimated time of repairs

  • Design and Develop an automated phone response systems that provides customers information regarding their electric bills, downed lines, estimated time of repairs, and other related information.
  • Utilize Microsoft development tools to access IBM Mainframe backend.
Technology: Microsoft development tools, IBM-DB2, MS-SQL Server, IBM Mainframe, Windows Server
Industry: Debt Consolidation

  • Streamline business operations
  • Inefficient reporting capabilities and ability of current application to scale to business’ growing needs
  • Sub-standard Local and Wide Area Network capabilities
  • Migrate obsolete flat file database system to a scalable MS-SQL Server back-end
  • Reduce maintenance costs by rolling out single sign-on workstations
  • High Speed Remote Access solution via Virtual Private Network
  • Sales Performance reports
  • Accurately manage Employee, Creditor, and Client information
  • Electronic payments to creditors via EDI
Technology: Microsoft Development tools, ASP, MS-SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Windows Server
Industry: Consumer Credit Information – Fraud Protection

Situation: Create a scalable system to become a world-class credit bureau

  • Deliver a range of industries with products and services that include credit reports, risk scoring models, fraud detection and search tools, customized and transaction services.
  • Design, Develop, and Optimize all layers of the application to handle load of over 200 million consumers monthly reports
  • System scaled to be able to access 1.7 billion credit records on a monthly basis
  • Success and reliability of project enabled TU bring in more clients worldwide
Technology: Java Enterprise, Opensource Apache-Tomcat Web Server, IBM-Informix, Windows Server, HP-UX
Industry: Television Broadcasting

  • Launch the nation’s 7th largest TV television network (formerly PAX-TV)
  • Centralize Operations, Automate Programming, Spot Placement, and Log Generation of commercial spots for a 125-TV Station network
  • Analyze business workflow, define processes, create synergy across executive, finance, sales, marketing and operations departments
  • Ensure software testing and readiness of each department prior to network launch
  • Provide pre and post-implementation support
  • Reduce company-wide operating costs by consolidating operations across television sales and traffic
Industry: Software - Radio/TV Broadcasting Solution Provider

  • Lead and finance startup company from product inception to realization and finally generate revenue from that product
  • Develop and present marketing plan to TV networks across the country
  • Design, Develop, Test, and Implement a scalable, enterprise application
  • Coordinate End-user documentation and training for clients' operations team
  • Single sign-on application enabling multi-station reporting capabilities
Technology: Microsoft development tools suite, Windows Server, MS-SQL Server

Industry: Healthcare, Allscripts, Chicago, IL

Working Area: Patient Review, Multi-tier, Hand-held Application

Situation: Drug-utilization review for patients based on patient’s health condition, habits and age

  • Upgrade existing client server system from Visual Basic to Object Oriented, distributed architecture.
  • Design and Develop a hand-held application for physicians to communicate with distributed servers using IP technologies
  • QA and integration testing prior to official launch
Technology: Full Microsoft shop utilizing Windows Server, client-server development tools, MS-SQL, distributed transactions, and source code management.

Design: Rational
Industry: PC Manufacturing B2B, HP, Houston, TX

Situation: To streamline purchasing process for the world’s largest PC manufacturer by being able to define, quantify, and apply sophisticated grading criteria to evaluate and select vendor products.

  • Implement an Internet-based enterprise application
  • Gather system requirements from departments within the organization and from vendors.
  • Architect and Design application using Design Patterns
Technology: Open platform needs necessitated use of Java Enterprise, Opensource Apache-Tomcat Web Server, early adoption of XML, UML, Design Patterns, OO Analysis, MS-SQL, Windows Server, Visio
Industry: Beverage Packaging Automation, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO

  • Improve efficiency levels in packaging areas of the 12 beverage plants across the United States
  • Cross brewery reporting capabilities
  • Led plant modernization software efforts for the world’s largest alcoholic beverage company
  • Design, develop and implement their front-end and back-end software processes to manage, monitor, and log process efficiencies to maximize production levels
  • Developed reports for cross-reference efficiencies across breweries and at the local level
  • Provided software control to the machine and process level using PLCs and other appropriate tools to complete the task
  • Production efficiencies were greater than 15% to closest competitors.
Technology: Microsoft dev tools/OS/RDBMS, Intellution, Sybase, IBM AIX on RISC


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