IT365Now compiled a very accurate and complete manual to fulfill SRA requirements for meaningful use. without xynyx's assistance, we would not be able to complete all the in-depth and accurate reporting requirements needed to attest for MU.

, HemOnc Assoc. of Boca, Boca Raton, FL

Excellent Business Acumen and Superior Technical Skills. It has been privilege to work with Mr. Shahveer Dhatigara.

, Senior Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard

Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems
David worked with me on a B2B engine build out for UnitedHealhcare on the East Coast as a Java Architect and Developer. He made significant contributions to the team, and I would rehire him for additional project work in a minute. The client was extremely pleased with David’s hard work and professionalism, and his excellent technical mentoring of the client’s team members. Additionally, David works very well as a team player, and is constantly looking to make contributions to the project and the client.

I highly recommend David as a consultant for any serious project efforts.

, Sun Professional Services

For the past three years, I have been a client of Xynyx through their PACS and IT services at CMS Open MRI. I have worked with Mr. Shahveer Dhatigara and his team in the implementation of healthcare IT services, and I have been constantly impressed with both his professionalism and performance in the field.

In all aspects of his work, Xynyx has demonstrated remarkable customer service and organizational abilities. Mr. Dhatigara’s team is by far the most efficient I have ever worked with, and I have never met another healthcare IT provider with more dedication to their clients. I remember one instance where, on his day off, Mr. Dhatigara personally spent numerous hours making sure that the implementation of our PACS platform and server room migration was hassle free. Dedication of that caliber is remarkably uncommon in our field.

I strongly believe and recommend that Xynyx’s services would provide an advantage to any organization. All the best!

Service Category: Healthcare IT, Revenue Cycle Management

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Yotta Sky Group, Inc

For over six years, Xynyx has managed our IT infrastructure. Mr. Dhatigara served as our outsourced CIO to select and implement new cardiovascular Healthcare Information Technologies ranging from medical device and EHR integration to PACS implementation. In addition to helping us become paperless, their team helped maintain and upgrade our network to stay HIPAA compliant. Lastly, we were introduced to Dragon Medical Voice Recognition which helped our practice tremendously and cut annual expenses.

Their entire staff is professional, proficient and friendly. I would recommend them for any IT project.

, Boca Raton, FL

We have worked with Xynyx for over 10-years and as our network has grown in sophistication they have been there to help us from web hosting servers, adapting our EMR, office networking, and internet security

Delray Beach, FL

Xynyx helped setup our Internet-based RIS/PACS infrastructure in their private cloud.

Our mobile techs work round the clock all across South Florida servicing physician offices, hospitals and long-term care facilities, and need a team that can truly offer 24/7 technical assistance. What stood out most about Shahveer and his team is their healthcare domain knowledge, technical caliber, commitment to its customers and level of professionalism demonstrated no matter what time our mobile staff tried reaching their support staff.

Bottom line: Xynyx has been the backbone of our business for a very long time and we plan on continuing their services for years to come.

, Director of Region 2, National Association of Portable X-ray Providers

Tracy McCoy
Dave was instrumental to the re-architecture, re-development, and re-launch of the entire XDrive product from PERL to J2EE. He served as the technical lead for many of our projects.

While being one of our most proficient and technically advanced programmers, he also brought a lot of comradely to the team. He was willing to put in long hours, sometimes coming in as early as 4:00 a.m. just to make sure an underestimated project unit would make schedule. In fact, during the final month of the Java re-launch, it was David’s long hours that allowed us to make our launch date.

, Xdrive


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